NEW YORK - ‘New York Herald Tribune’
"Felix Ayo’s performance was remarkable for its expressive insight as well as for its high musical standard.”

BOSTON - ‘The Christian Science Monitor’
“It was evident at the outset that we were hearing an artist of the first order.” - Harold Rogers

TOKYO ‘Mainichi Daily News’
“Ayo’s technique is completely flawless and his tone has Italian brilliance. He is one of the finest players of baroque music.”

“It is impossible to do better, to play better, to be so brilliant, so clear, so sensitive, so virtuoso and with total respect of the spirit of the music. My great admiration for this splendid violinist, virtuoso of the first order.” - M.B.

PARIS - ‘Les Lettres Francais’
“He is a notable violinist with a fine tone and a bow as infinite as it is light and rapid.” - H.Jourdan-Morhange

“Musically and technically we continue to admire the rays of light created by the Guadagnini of Felix Ayo, peer to Casals, Zabaleta and Segovia.”

SYDNEY ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’
“Felix Ayo showed with effortless grace how a true master of the violin approaches the demands of the violin sonata repertory. Yet his brilliant technique always serves the music first and foremost. The tonal colour, the exemplary bowing technique, the dynamic level, every aspect of the performance radiated an assurance which only comes with deep understanding and musical maturity.” - Patricia Brown

COPENHAGEN ‘Politiken’ (Tivoli Theatre)
“If you have a conductor like Felix Ayo, all your problems are solved... the Copenhagen audience has had many opportunities to appreciate his warm musicality both as a conductor and as a violinist. Beautiful tone flows generously when Ayo makes music. He enchanted us with his brilliant and fascinating performance of the concerto in D major by Viotti.” - T.Waskowska

SYDNEY ‘Sunday Telegraph’ (Sydney Opera House)
“A superbly executed performance of Mozart’s Violin Concerto in G major.” - Adrian Reed

FULDA ‘Fulda Zeitung’
“The real highlight of the evening was Felix Ayo in Max Bruch’s concerto in G minor. Ayo brought the very best out of the rich score with his fine Guadagnini, his high standard of performance and his real understanding of the work. Long will that “Adagio” remain in the memory of the Fulda music lovers.”

MADRID ‘ABC’ (Auditorium Nacional)
“A fine program of sonatas by Mozart, Brahms and Strauss served to show how, above and beyond any desire for brilliance or show of technical virtuosity…what Ayo pursues is making authentic music.” - Leopoldo Ontañon

COPENHAGEN ‘Federiksborg Amts Avis’
“Ayo is one of the few soloists who are capable of playing the solo part and, at the same time, of conducting an orchestra with authority.”
- Borge Friis

SAN SEBASTIAN ‘El Diario Vasco’
A soloist of great quality. “This fine violinist gave a lesson in technique and expression…In Mendelssohn’s D minor concerto the soloist displayed magisterial virtuosity.” - Mari José Cano

MADRID ‘ABC’ (Auditorium Nacional; Complete cycle of Mozart Sonatas)
“We must thank Felix Ayo and Emma Jimenez for the irreproachable style and the absolute perfection of their performances.” - Antonio Fernandez-Cid

BUENOS AIRES ‘La Nacion’ (Teatro Coliseo) Felix Ayo & Carlo Bruno
“A truly inspired version of Mozart’s sonata in E minor...In Beethoven the sense of tension and drama was projected to transcendental heights...A brilliant finale with Prokofiev’s sonata in D minor admirably interpreted in its objective clarity, perfect balance of sonority, ingenious rhythmic designs and genuine sense of virtuosity.” - Hector Coda

“Felix Ayo confirmed ‘live’ what we already knew through his records; that he is a soloist blessed with practically every desirable virtue...To play Mozart as Ayo did is, for the audience, to touch the celestial sphere of the sublime...Even after the Symphony the echo of an impeccable violin continued live and palpitating in the auditorium.”- Biel Domingo

MADRID ‘Pais Musical’ (Auditorium Nacional)
“It was a real delight to hear Felix Ayo again. Warm and beautiful tone, phrasing and expression, he has it all and, as a true artist, he gives all. We will long remember his interpretation of Haydn’s concerto in G major, which lifted us to heights of immense peace.” - Vladimiro Bas

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