A.VIVALDI The Four Seasons Op.8 1-4 (Philips) I Musici. Felix Ayo, violin.
London ‘Consensus & Review’ “The performance and the recording have become something of a classic in their own right and Ayo’s performance of the solo part is magical.”

A.VIVALDI The Four Seasons Op.8 1-4 (Philips) I Musici. Felix Ayo, violin.
London ‘The Gramophone’ “Of the dozen or more versions of this top-hit of our times, the Philips one with Felix Ayo and I Musici was outstanding. … Ayo throughout is a remarkable soloist.”

J.HAYDN Concerto in C major for violin and strings. (Philips) I Musici. Felix Ayo, violin.
Lausanne (letter from A. Ysaye) “… all my admiration for your remarkable interpretation of the Haydn concerto which you play with the precision, the finesse and the colours required. I very rarely pay a compliment to a violinist today, as very few understand that music cannot exist without emotion, poetry and heart. ‘BRAVO cher grand violoniste’…”

Antoine Ysaye

J.S.BACH Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin (Philips) Felix Ayo, violin.
Paris ‘Harmonie’ “We have often wondered if, after Sarasate, there would be another great Spanish violinist! Yes, there is one, Felix Ayo... This is a superb recording, so beautiful that one cannot, in any moment, compare it to memories one has of other interpretations. Ayo succeeds in the miracle of holding our interest for more than two hours with a solo instrument; only Milstein and Grumiaux managed this so well...We must put him in the top rank.”


J.S.BACH Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin (Philips) Felix Ayo, violin.
London ‘The Strad’ “Distinguished and eminently stylistic readings that will stand favourable comparisons with recordings by some of the greatest violinists of our time including Menuhin, Szeryng, Milstein and Suk.”

Peter Craddock

J.S.BACH Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin (Philips) Felix Ayo, violin.
Milan ‘Super Stereo’ “Dealing with a score that represents the most arduous task for a violinist, above all from a point of view of intelligence and expression, Ayo gives us a lesson in style and poetry, with remarkable insight.”

A. Foletto

J.S.BACH Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin (Philips) Felix Ayo violin.
Milan ‘Discoteca Hi-Fi’ Record of the Month. “…In those pages which we consider the greatest tonal peaks of the program, the 1st and 3rd Sonatas and the famous Chaconne, the present soloist-instrument binominal is comparable, without overvaluing it, to others of great fame, such as that of Milstein-Stradivari… one could say that Ayo paints with his Gagliano where Milstein sculpts with his Stradivari.”

Antonio Pressi

G.TARTINI Concertos for violin & orchestra Vol.1 (Dynamic) F.Ayo, violin.
Paris ‘Repertoire’ “Felix Ayo returns once again, with his beautiful tone, his touching lyricism and his great stylistic integrity.”

Christophe Robert

G.TARTINI Concertos for violin & orchestra Vol.2 (Dynamic) Felix Ayo, violin.
Florence ‘CD Classica’ “ ...‘Grande Felix Ayo’, a violinist of unquestionable and unchanging class, a musician who always moves you... Very few modern violinists know how to interpret Tartini with stylistic propriety. Ayo is one of these.”

Enrico Corbi

G.TARTINI Concertos for violin & orchestra Vol.2 (Dynamic) Felix Ayo, violin.
U.S.A. ‘Fanfare’ “Ayo’s sweet tone and technical aplomb are even more conspicuous in this 2nd volume. The recording is a most revealing and flattering portrait of Ayo as a violinist… The Tartini tercentenary is long gone but fine recordings keep coming. Here’s a rare one … Most enthusiastically recommended.”

Robert Maxham

G.B.VIOTTI Sonatas for violin & piano Vol.1 (Dynamic) Felix Ayo & Corrado de Bernart.
Milan ‘Musica’ “Listening to Felix Ayo one has the impression of hearing a human voice, so pure and warm is his tone, so perfect his phrasing, balance, fantasy and technical capacities; we didn’t need these records to recognize all these qualities in Felix Ayo... De Bernart is excellent too... It is difficult to establish up to what point one is won over by the value of Viotti’s music and to what point by the contribution of the two artists, who work each bar like a precious gem.”


J.TURINA Sonatas for violin & piano (Dynamic) Felix Ayo & Bruno Canino.
Madrid ‘Melomano’ “...The artists are magnificent. The violinist, Felix Ayo, plays with absolute ease and his interpretation is always warm and moving. You can sense the affection he feels for this music and his affinity to it.”

J.M. de Sagarminaga

F.MENDELSSOHN (Dynamic) Concertos in D minor for Violin & for Violin & Piano
F. Ayo violin, E. Jimenez piano, Max Bragado conductor ‘Orchestra de Castilla y León.’
Turin ‘CD Classica’ “...the high standard is guaranteed, above all, by the violin of Felix Ayo, the glorious soloist of I Musici in their golden years, who confirms all his class in the tension of the phrasing, the quality of tone and the magnificent legato of these interpretations.”

Giuseppe Rossi

J.TURINA ‘Works for violin and piano’ E. GRANADOS ‘Sonata’ (Dynamic) Ayo/Canino
London ‘The Strad’ “Having made beautiful recordings of Mendelssohn, Tartini and Viotti for Dynamic, the distinguished Spanish violinist Felix Ayo has been turning his attention to Joaquin Turina, in company with Bruno Canino… We are not likely to hear any of this music better performed.”

Tully Potter

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